Submission Radio #65 Chael Sonnen, Andrei Arlovski, Kirik Jenness + Is Fedor too Old?

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This week’s Guests on the show include: Chael Sonnen, Andrei Arlovski, Kirki Jenness of “The Underground”.

Chael Sonnen makes his first ever appearance on Submission Radio to talk about his new commentating gig at WSOF, Holly Holm’s boxing and kickboxing titles having zero validity, Anderson Silva’s ridiculous NSAC hearing, predicting that Jones/Johnson would never happen, setting the blueprint for self-promotion in MMA and everybody copying him, if he’ll ever return to MMA, the promise he made on his father’s deathbed about winning the UFC belt, why Fedor is terrible, the testosterone era, UFC 193, grappling competitions and who his next opponent at Metamoris will be, Kanye West and Kanye saying he’ll run for president, what ‘Front Row Brian’ actually looks like, and much more.

Andrei Arlovski returns to Submission Radio to talk about his recent win over Frank Mir, why he was disappointed with his performance, the negativity that came post-fight, his response to critics, what he did right, why he underestimated Frank Mir, pre-fight distractions, being lighter than usual, how badly he injured his hand, if the Mir fight hurt his chances of getting a title shot, if Fedor deserves an immediate title fight against Fabricio Werdum, wanting a rematch with Fedor upon his return, how successful Fedor can be at his age, if Junior Dos Santos will ever be the same after the two Cain Velasquez losses, if he would fight Alistair Overeem despite being teammates, and much more.

MMA pioneer and legend Kirik Jenness of “The Underground” aka joins Submission Radio for a roundtable discussion on such topics as Miesha Tate and if Dana White saved her career by giving Holly Holm a title shot instead, if Fedor is too old to make a successful return, and if the stale format of The Ultimate Fighter still has a place in today’s MMA world.

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