WATCH: Back take from Mount into a choke – by Carlos Vieira

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Fourth degree BJJ Black Belt and multiple time champion Carlos ‘Portuguese’ Vieira shows you how to take your opponent’s back from mount and choke them out!

With our “Judo in MMA” Technique of the Week series complete, we move on to some high level BJJ and MMA techniques, demonstrated by Carlos ‘Portuguese’ Vieira and Aussie UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews.

Carlos Vieira is a 4th degree black belt who trains out of Cia Paulista gym in Melbourne, Australia, and is a 2002 & 2003 Pan-American champion, 2005 Brazilian champion and the Pan-Pacific champion in both 2010 and 2011. He is also on of the highest ranked and recognized BJJ black belts in Australia.

This week, Carlos shows you a way to take your opponent’s back from the full mount position and sink in a choke. The move can be particularly useful when your are unable to submit your opponent from the top, or your opponent has you trapped and neutralized using a seat belt. This technique can surprise many opponents who would normally expect you to attempt an Arm Triangle or a Rear Naked Choke from these positions.

Check out the video above for the technique, and don’t forget to subscribe HERE for a new technique every Wednesday!

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