WATCH: Takedown without the risk of Guillotine choke! – by Jake Matthews

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UFC lightweight Jake Matthews demonstrates how to take somebody down without getting choked out in the process.

Aussie UFC Lightweight Jake Matthews and 4th degree BJJ black belt Carlos ‘Portuguese’ Vieira return for this week’s Technique of the Week. After two weeks of Carlos’ techniques, it’s time for the Aussie MMA fighter to show off some of his own moves.

Jake is a 21-year-old BJJ brown belt and currently fights in the UFC’s lightweight division (record 8-1). He will also be fighting on the momentous UFC 193 card in Melbourne, Australia and taking on Akbarh Arreola in the main event of the prelims.

This week, Jake demonstrates a takedown that he likes to utilize in order to avoid falling into a guillotine and getting choked out. While it follows the basic principle of a double-leg takedown, it has a very simple twist that minimizes the risk of your opponent being able to successfully complete the submission and also puts you in an advantageous position to inflict damage. This takedown can be used in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Sambo.

Check out the video above for the technique, and don’t forget to subscribe HERE for a new technique every Wednesday!

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