Submission Radio #94 Cody Garbrandt, Don Frye, Tommy Toe Hold, Dave Meltzer, Adam Hunter + Fan Questions

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This week’s Guests on the show include: Cody Garbrandt, Don Frye, Tommy Toe Hold, Dave Meltzer, Adam Hunter.

Cody Garbrandt returns to Submission Radio to talk about his recent first-round KO win over Thomas Almeida, Urijah Faber’s loss to Dominick Cruz at UFC 199 and how difficult it was to watch, the altercation between himself and Cruz that took place backstage post-fight, why Cody is confident he’ll knock Cruz out, Bryan Caraway and how he fits in the picture, Caraway’s victory over Aljemain Sterling and why Bryan wouldn’t last long enough to make Cody look average, how trash talk motivates him, what transpired between Clay Guida and Nate Diaz, Chad Mendes being potentially flagged by USADA, how important it is for him to fight on a Cleveland UFC card, Tinder and how he’s been helping his teammates, as well as much more.

Tommy Toe Hold makes a memorable appearance back on Submission Radio to bring positivity and remind MMA fans why they should be happy in this current rollercoaster time in the sport.

Don Frye makes his return to Submission Radio to discuss his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame, as well as what it means for him to receive such an honor, if he imagined that he’d be such a celebrated fighter when he was fighting in the early UFC tournaments, his historic career and the iconic fight he had with Yoshihiro Takayama, his relationship with Dan Severn and how it impacted his career, his thoughts on Brock Lesnar returning to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200, Dan Henderson and if he should retire or keep fighting, Michael Bisping defeating Luke Rockhold to become the UFC middleweight champion, his memories of Kimbo Slice and his reaction to the 42-year-old’s passing, as well as plenty more!

Dave Meltzer returns to Submission Radio to discuss the recent happenings in the world of MMA, including Brock Lesnar making his return and how it will affect the numbers of UFC 200, how Lesnar matches up against Mark Hunt and why he took such a stiff challenge, the exemption that the WWE star has been given by USADA and the UFC regarding drug testing, how Lesnar’s stint in the UFC could affect future WWE stints for UFC fighters and if CM Punk would ever return to wrestling, Muhammad Ali passing away and what Dave’s favourite memories were of the iconic boxing legend, how Ali borrowed from pro wrestling to create his persona, if more MMA fighters should look to pro wrestling to help market themselves better, and lots more.

Comedian Adam Hunter makes his first appearance on Submission Radio to talk about his experiences in the comedy world and roasting MMA fighters. Hunter also discusses the recent comedy show that featured himself, Matt Serra and Dana White, who’s routine was the best and how the crowd reacted to Dana White behind the mic, the worst heckler that Adam has ever encountered, which UFC fighters got mad at being roasted, his new TV show “living with funny”, as well as the time Angela Magana and Bec Rawlings invited him up to their hotel room!

Adam Hunter starts at: [4:14]
Cody Garbrandt starts at: [25:33]
Tommy Toe Hold starts at: [45:27]
Don Frye starts at: [48:54]
Dave Meltzer starts at: [1:09:44]
Fan Questions start at: [1:38:12]

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