Submission Radio #140 Jorge Masvidal, Don Frye, Jason Parillo, Connor Reubusch, Damon Martin

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This week’s Guests on the show include:

Jason Parillo at: [4:28]
Connor Reubusch (Rockhold’s striking breakdown) at: [33:37]
Don Frye at: [1:01:27]
Jorge Masvidal at: [1:26:46]
Damon Martin at: [1:53:49]
FOX Sports website numbers down at: [1:54:25]
The UFC TV deal negotiations at: [1:56:48]
Edmond wanting Rousey vs. Cyborg at: [2:02:56]
Bisping retiring after UFC 217? at: [2:14:25]
What’s next for Luke Rockhold? at: [2:23:23]
Adelaide Byrd suspended? at: [2:26:40]

Jorge Masvidal returns to Submission Radio to discuss his upcoming fight against Stephen Thompson at UFC 217, how he got over his loss to Demian Maia, the criticism over Woodley’s performance at UFC 214, why he believes he’s next in line for a title shot, Rafael dos Anjos and Robbie Lawler as potential contenders, “Hoe Slap Season”, his feud with Michael Bisping and wanting to slap him, his thoughts on the Bisping vs. GSP match-up and if GSP has a chance, fighting at Madison Square Garden, how he dealt with hurricane Irma, and more!

– Michael Bisping and Cris Cyborg’s coach, Jason Parillo returns to Submission Radio to discuss Bisping’s recent comments about retirement, his relationship with Georges St-Pierre and what kind of GSP he’s expecting after the layoff and weight class change, if Bisping would fight Rockhold or Whittaker, if there’s any updates on Cyborg vs. Holly Holm at UFC 219, the critics and coaches who doubt Cyborg and say she can be exposed, Edmond Tarverdyan saying he wants Ronda Rousey to fight Cris Cyborg and why it’s not a good idea, and more!

Don Frye returns to Submission Radio to give an update on his health since his near-death experience, sobriety, Jon Jones’ failed drug test at UFC 214, how it affects Jon’s career and legacy, Ronda Rousey’s coach saying he wants her to fight Cris Cyborg, Oscar De La Hoya’scriticizm about Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, Yoshihiro Takayama’s accident that caused him to be paralyzed, what Takayama was like as a person, stories from pro wrestling and him and Curt Hennig ribbing each other, and more!

Connor Reubusch (Bloody Elbow, Bad Left Hook) discusses Canelo/GGG and Luke Rockhold’s striking. Reubusch addresses the criticisms of Rockhold’s strking defence in the Branch fight and the notion that Rockhold’s boxing is lacking compared to his kicks, how opponents can have success by pressuring him, how a Bisping rematch would play out, what Rockhold can do to fix his flaws, who the best striker at middleweight is, Robert Whittaker’s striking compared to Rockhold’s and more!

Damon Martin returns to Submission Radio to join the roundtable discussion and chat about the FOX Sports website numbers dropping significantly, the latest in the UFC TV deal negotiations, the likeliness of the UFC moving to Showtime or ESPN, Edmond Tarverdyan wanting Ronda Rousey to fight once more against Cris Cyborg, Michael Bisping saying he’s considering retiring after UFC 217, what’s next for Luke Rockhold after his win over David Branch, Adelaide Byrd and if she should be suspended and kept away from judging UFC 216, and more!



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