Ken Shamrock: Kimbo Slice not being a good striker, Bare Knuckle Boxing

April 8, 2015

Ken Shamrock returns to Submission Radio to talk about his fight against Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138, why Kimbo is not a good striker, his handpicked opponents in boxing, the beef between the two from the Elite XC days, his advantages despite being older, if he’ll have more fights with Bellator, his other business ventures, his upcoming bare knuckle boxing fight against James Quinn McDonagh, what it’s like fighting without being able to grapple, the bout being unsanctioned but still on PPV, the sport of bare knuckle boxing and why it’s exciting compared to MMA, why Bare knuckle boxing could take off like MMA, if he’ll be getting into the WWE hall of fame any time soon, plus more.

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