Gene LeBell: Rousey, Bruce Lee in the UFC, MMA

December 30, 2014

Legendary Martial arts Icon Judo Gene LeBell stops by to chat on Submission Radio about his legendary career and Mixed Martial Art as it is now. Know as The toughest Man alive, Gene talks about early days of learning Judo in Japan in a time where white people weren’t taught Judo, training and sparring with Sugar Ray Robinson, Ray’s pink Cadillac, fighting Milo Savage in the first ever Mixed Martial Arts fight, Making Movies with Elvis Presley and what Elvis was like backstage and to work with, Bruce Lee as a martial artist and how he would have done in today’s UFC, why Chuck Norris would have an advantage in a fight against Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali in his prime in the UFC, why he wore a pink Judo jacket, his niece Ronda Rousey and her dominance in the UFC, why other people aren’t as successful at implementing Judo in MMA like she is, if anybody can beat Ronda, his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show and pranking Aunt Chippy, being on the set of rush Hour and talking Martial Arts with Jackie Chan, and whole bunch of other stories.

-Learning Judo in Japan in a time when white people weren’t taught [0:57]
-Competing in the first ever MMA fight (Judo vs Boxing) against Milo Savage [10:22]
-How Milo wore a greased up Karate jacket and brass knuckles [15:21]
-Milo trying to bite him [18:04]
-Milo being unconscious for 20 minutes after getting choked out [18:48]
-A fan trying to stab him on his way out of the arena [21:17]
-Sparring with Sugar Ray Robinson [6:10] [7:30]
-Story behind the Pink Gi [32:55]
-His coach Karl Gotch purposely stretching guys to leave a legacy [23:54]
-Being on the set of Rush Hour, and Jackie Chan [45:25]
-His appearence on Jimmy Kimmel when he and Cousin Sal pranked Aunt Chippy [27:52]
-Reaction when Ronda Rousey (niece) said she wanted to be a fighter [35:44]
-Why other Judo fighters can’t incorporate judo as well as Ronda [37:53]
-If anybody can beat Ronda at the moment [39:47]
-If he wishes UFC was around earlier so he could compete [41:32]
-The Gracies and evolution of MMA
-Teaching Bruce Lee grappling and if Bruce would succeed in UFC [30:59]
-Why Chuck Norris could beat Bruce Lee [51:34]
-Working fight scenes with Elvis [25:43]
-Ali in his prime in the UFC [53:37]
-MMA Judging (Kim Winslow) [43:30]

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