Demetrious Johnson: Critics, Trash talk, last second armbar, Dodson rematch

May 5, 2015

Demetrious Johnson makes his first appearance on Submission Radio to talk about his big win over Kyoji Horiguchi, why he decided to go for the armbar in the very last second, how he feels knowing that the record can never be broken, thoughts on the crowd leaving the arena before the fight ended, the criticism he receives as a fighter, trash talk, being more open to the media and promotion, what he thinks of Conor McGregor’s personality and the belt grab in Dublin, a possible rematch with John Dodson, how the second fight would play out, other contenders in the flyweight division, gaming, what happens to his Xbox sponsorship once the Reebok deal kicks in, his favourite Call of Duty game, which video game character he would be, and more.

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