WATCH: Downward Elbow Combination – by John Wayne Parr

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Multiple-time Muay Thai and Kickboxing world champion John Wayne Parr, demonstrates a nasty downward elbow combination.

John Wayne Parr returns with this week’s Technique of the Week and shows off a powerful striking combination, ending with an overhand downward elbow strike.

Parr has held multiple world titles in both kickboxing and Muay Thai and fought for such organizations as Lion fights, WBC, K-1, Boonchu Cup, and competed in reality TV shows “The Contender”. He has also helped train such MMA fighters as Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones. Parr also intended on trying out for the Ultimate Fighter series in 2013, however he did not meet the requirement of 5 professional MMA fights, and was rejected.

Enjoy the video above, and good luck in training.

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