WATCH: Judo trip against the cage – by UFC Fighter/Olympian Dan Kelly

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4-time Olympian and current Aussie UFC middleweight Dan Kelly shows you how to utilize dirty boxing in the MMA clinch to hit a sweet Judo Throw!

With Ronda Rousey officially set to take on Holly Holm at Melbourne, Australia’s own UFC 193, we have one last offering from our “Judo in MMA” series for our Technique of the Week and show you how to better utilize your Judo skills in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Who better to demonstrate than the man who competed in four Olympic games (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012) and currently competes in the UFC’s middleweight division, Australia’s own Dan Kelly.

This week, Dan shows a move that can be particularly useful when trying to take your opponent down against the cage. While most MMA opponents will opt for the double leg takedown, Dan utilizes the Judo technique “Kosoto Gari” and shows you how to trip your opponent and transition into side control, leaving you free to work for submissions or rain down upon your foe with punches.

Check out the video above for the technique, and don’t forget to subscribe HERE for a new technique every Wednesday!

Next week we will be starting a new technique series with Aussie UFC lightweight Jake Matthews and 3rd degree black belt Carlos ‘Portuguese’ Vieira.

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