Submission Radio #70 Luke Rockhold, Tim Kennedy, Gene Lebell + UFC Dublin

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This week’s Guests on the show include: Luke Rockhold, Tim Kennedy, Gene Lebell.

Luke Rockhold returns to Submission Radio to discuss his upcoming middleweight title fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 194. The former Strikeforce champion talks about recently being woken up at home by USADA to be drug tested, if USADA’s efforts will help rid MMA of PEDs, his advantages over Weidman and Chris’ speed issues, dealing with Weidman’s pressure, why the wrestling won’t be a factor, Chris Weidman’s huge weight cut negatively affecting his performance, how their resume’s stack up, if Weidman’s hype is warranted, pressure on delivering the greatest middleweight fight of all time, being the co-main event to Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo, facing Anderson Silva in the future, Joseph Duffy being pulled from UFC Dublin due to concussion, at what point before a fight he stops sparring, hiring a nutritionist, his tiny sleeping quarters at AKA, why he roundhouse kicked and smashed iPhones.

Tim Kennedy returns to Submission Radio to discuss his recent reality TV show about catching war criminals, pissing off ISIS and the situation in Syria, what he would do if he was president, Russia’s actual goal in defeating ISIS, recent American shootings and gun control, why he feels the need to always carry a gun and a knife despite being a lethal weapon, Johny Hendricks and his disastrous weight cut, why Hendricks is actually one of the biggest threats at middleweight, the real reason why Dan Henderson doesn’t want to fight him, Vitor Belfort being allowed to fight at UFC 152 despite having raised testosterone levels, why the UFC can’t stop him from speaking his mind on Reebok and why his fight kit is unavailable, the possibility of him going over to Bellator with Scott Coker, how much he still trains and breaking personal records, why he would come back to fight Anderson Silva, fighting Zombies with Danny Trejo and Ron Jeremy, and more.

Judo Gene Lebell returns to Submission Radio to talk about his Hollywood life and some of the latest topics in the MMA and combat world. Gene discusses the matchup between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Australia, how much of a chance Holly really has and if her boxing accomplishments translate, why he’d like to see Ronda retire soon, Cris Cyborg vs Miesha Tate and if Cyborg is clean, Ronda moving up in weight to fight Cyborg and how the fight would go, Ronda Rousey becoming a pro wrestler in the WWE, the debate of female fighters taking on male fighters, the importance of learning and combining all martial arts, Sylvester Stallone and if he’d be a part of an Expendables movie, doing fun skits with Jimmy Kimmel, what to do with MMA referee Steve Mazzagatti and his frequent blunders, the problems and solutions to MMA judging, Big John McCarthy, his special relationship with Roddy Piper and their sparring sessions, where Floyd Mayweather ranks in the boxing all-time greats, and much much more.

Also on the show is discussion onĀ UFC Fight Night: Dublin, Reebok’s horribly distasteful Irish T-shirt, and Jon Jones being reinstated by the UFC.

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