Submission Radio #67 Don Frye, Phil Davis, Stipe Miocic + UFC Japan

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Stipe Miocic returns to Submission Radio to discuss his big fight against Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night Dublin. The Croatian heavyweight talks about his initial reaction when he discovered he wasn’t getting the title shot, how to get more popular, if Cain Velasquez deserved the rematch against Fabricio Werdum, not being popular enough to fight for the belt, what he thinks of Ben Rothwell’s creative entrances and post-fight antics, his advantages over Rothwell, Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem also closing in on title shots, if he feels pressure to put on an exciting fight against Ben, being scared by his fans, Fedor in the UFC and a Cro Cop rematch, his Halloween costume options, and more.

Don Frye returns to Submission Radio to talk about his recent movie projects and the current MMA scene. Don discusses his experience at the UFC fight week fan expo, hanging out with Urijah Faber and Team Alpha Male, being willing to wear a pair of fake breasts for 10 million dollars, Donald Trump and the presidential candidates, Kanye West claiming he’ll run for president in 2020, Tank Abbot’s comments on Ronda Rousey, why Ronda would never stand a chance against male fighters, Fedor returning to MMA in Japan, the MMA scene in Japan and how much the Yakuza scandal impacted the chances of it ever being successful again, Fedor’s chances in the UFC and if he decided to make a run at light heavyweight, Jon Jones, if he himself would be a part of Sakikabara’s new Japanese promotion, Nick Diaz’s five year suspension for Marijuana, the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s incompetence and lack of professionalism, and much more.

Phil Davis returns to Submission Radio to talk about his big wins at Bellator: Dynamite 1, and what’s next. Davis weighs in on his Kimura win over Emanuel Newton and the message it sent to the rest of the division, Newton’s light approach to training and only having two-week camps in the past, knocking out Francis Carmont and where his recent knockout power came from, how much time he had to prepare for Carmont once King Mo was officially injured, the experience of fighting twice in one night, his thoughts on Liam McGeary’s performance against Tito Ortiz, how much of a factor his wrestling will be against McGeary, his reaction when Scott Coker put the belt on him, old school Pride events and what it was like having Lenne Hardt announce his name, Fedor signing over to Sakakibara’s new Japanese promotion, if he wanted to see how Fedor would do in the UFC and if he would fight Fedor himself, who would win out of Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko, and more.

– Also on the show is discussion of UFC Fight Night Japan and fights such as Josh Barnett vs Roy Nelson, Urijah Hall’s insane knockout of Gegard Mousasi and if it was a fluke, Kyoji Horiguchi vs Chico Camus, Takeya Mizugaki defeating George Roop in a generally strange fight, Diego Brandao blasting Katsunori Kikuno, the fun fight between Mizuto Hirota and Teruto Ishihara and how the UFC had no plans in the event of a draw, and Keita Nakamura making Li Jingliang faceplant straight into the canvas.

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