Submission Radio 21/12/14 Bas Rutten & Gene Lebell + UFC Fight Night Brazil

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This week’s Guests on the show include: Bas Rutten talking about his recent neck surgery, encounters with Dolphins, Rousimar Palahres’ leg locks, Jon Fitch’s career, Alistair Overeem and if he can get back to fighting for a title, CM Punk signing with the UFC and if he can be successful, the UFC law suit, his Christmas plans, Anderson Silva in Pride, Nick Diaz vs Silva preditction and more. – Gene Lebell talks about how Bruce Lee would do in the UFC, Ronda Rousey’s success and why other MMA fighters aren’t able to incorporate Judo as well, Muhammad Ali in his prime doing MMA, learning Judo in Japan, the story behind the pink jacket, competing in the first ever Mixed Martial Arts fight, sparring against Sugar Ray Robinson, why Chuck Norris had advantage over Bruce Lee, making movies and fight scenes with Elvis Presley, being on the Jimmy Kimmel, and more. – Also on the Show is discussion about UFC Fight Night 58 Brazil, and Rampage Jackson signing back with the UFC.

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