Submission Radio #143 Tim Kennedy, Andre Fili, Dillon Danis, Sean Sheehan

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This week’s Guests on the show include:

Andre Fili at: [7:33]
Dillon Danis at: [28:15]
Tim Kennedy at: [50:56]
Sean Sheehan at: [1:16:12]
Sean’s KSW 40 experience at: [1:16:53]
Darren Till’s future at: [1:26:23]
Donald Cerrone’s future at: [1:34:42]
Maia vs. Covington preview at: [1:38:30]
Machida vs. Brunson preview at: [1:41:51]
Games and shit: [1:48:38]

Tim Kennedy returns to Submission Radio to talk about his super busy retired life, the dangerous situations he’s gotten in while Hunting Hitler, ISIS trying to attack him, if he misses MMA, Michael Bisping as champion, GSP returning after 4 years to face Bisping, training with GSP back in the day and what he remembers about him, if GSP can beat Bisping, the MMAAA and if it’s still continuing, and more!

Dillon Danis returns to Submission Radio to talk about Conor McGregor vs. Tony Ferguson and how they fight would play out on the ground, Tony’s BJJ, almost fighting Tony at Metamoris 6, his transition from BJJ to MMA, when he expects to make his Bellator debut, the surgery that delayed his debut, which gym he’ll train MMA at, what weight class he’ll fight at and what kind of level opponent he wants for his debut, his recent run at ADCC and the close matches he lost, if he’ll still compete in grappling competitions, and more!

Andre Fili makes his Submission Radio debut to talk about his win over Artem Lobov at UFC Gdansk, the fight itself and Artem surviving the big head kick, Conor McGregor at cageside and being asked to sit down, McGregor calling him a “faggot” and their interaction backstage afterwards, his funny experiences in Poland, the featherweight division title picture, feeling like he’s currently at his best and ready to finally make a successful run at the belt, and more!

Sean Sheehan returns to talk about his experience at KSW 40, the production quality and if KSW can steal the UFC’s European market, Darren Till knocking out Cowboy Cerrone and what’s next for him, if Till can potentially be the UFC’s next big star, Cerrone’s decline, Lyoto Machida’s upcoming return against Derek Brunson, Demian Maia vs. Colby Covington and more!


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