Submission Radio #123 Tony Ferguson, Kevin Lee, Frank Shamrock, Damon Martin

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This week’s Guests on the show include:

Kevin Lee starts at: [3:39]
Frank Shamrock starts at: [27:30]
Tony Ferguson starts at: [52:59]
Damon Martin (FOX Sports) roundtable discussion starts at: [1:15:15]
Al Iaquinta’s Trump-like tweets at: [1:16:09]
Anderson Silva demanding an interim title fight at: [1:21:32]
Latest international fight week rumors at: [1:31:36]
Cris Cyborg vs. Megan Anderson at: [1:37:20]
Roadblocks for Cormier vs. Jones at UFC 214 at: [1:40:59]
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 reviews at: [1:47:52]

Tony Ferguson returns to Submission Radio to give an update on his status since his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov fell through at UFC 209, who he wants to fight next, Nate Diaz going soft since making money, sharing the same management as Conor McGregor, what kind of return timeline he’s aiming for, his interest in fighting at welterweight, why he’d rather his son do something other than fighting, Brock Lesnar offering him junk food during TUF, and more!

Kevin Lee makes his first appearance on Submission Radio to discuss his fight against Michael Chiesa at UFC Fight Night 112, Floyd Mayweather requesting his services to help him prepare for Conor McGregor, how he thinks that fight will play out, Al Iaquinta targeting him on twitter, his thoughts on Iaquinta’s recent rage against the UFC, if he’s happy with the way he’s being promoted by the UFC, wanting to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov, the standstill at the top of the division and Conor currently not defending his belt, headlining over so many legends on the Oklahoma card, and more!

Frank Shamrock returns to Submission Radio to discuss the current changes in the UFC, if Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather is good for business or detrimental to MMA, why the fight will be a disappointment, the recent out-pour of fighters voicing their frustration with the company, if he believes the Fertitta brothers sold the UFC because the foresaw this, how Reebok has affected things, if Bellator can use this time to gain ground and become a competitor to the UFC, his new show Bake Out, how Marijuana was a crucial part of his career, how he consumed it and what kind of benefits it gave him, how he managed his use around fights so as not to fail tests, and more!

Damon Martin (FOX Sports) joins the roundtable to talk about Anderson Silva blasting the UFC and demanding an interim title fight against Yoel Romero at UFC 212, Al Iaquinta’s new Trump-like twitter persona and where it’s leading, the latest rumours for International Fight Week and if fans should lower their standards this year, Cris Cyborg vs. Megan Anderson at UFC 214, the hurdles that may delay Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier from being locked in for UFC 214, Jon Jones’ punishment affecting Daniel Cormier, as well as reviews for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

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