Submission Radio #111 Frank Mir, Don Frye, Jason Parillo, Angelo Reyes, Jim Edwards

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This week’s Guests on the show include:

Don Frye starts at: [4:12]
Frank Mir starts at: [31:21]
Jason Parillo starts at: [52:12]
Angelo Reyes (Mayweather/McGregor) starts at: [1:13:18]
Jim Edwards (FloCombat) starts at: [1:45:38]
BJ Penn vs. Yair Rodriguez starts at: [1:46:42]
Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson starts at: [1:53:30]
Mark Hunt UFC lawsuit starts at: [2:00:38]
Tim Kennedy retirement starts at: [2:07:38]
Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather starts at: [2:12:38]

Frank Mir makes his first appearance on Submission Radio to discuss his life since being suspended by USADA, the inconsistent punishments and suspensions from USADA and Brock Lesnar’s being shorter, trying to get released from the UFC, if he still wants to fight again, his title aspirations, potentially facing Brock Lesnar a third time, Mark Hunt’s anti-UFC lawsuit, his Australian seminars, teaching his kids wrestling and MMA, and more!

Don Frye returns to Submission Radio to discuss his recent health issues and battles in his life, his upcoming movie role, Ronda Rousey’s loss at UFC 207, what she needs to do to come back ad be successful, Mark Hunt suing the UFC and Brock Lesnar, Lesnar potentially returning to the UFC, Stipe Miocic and others being unhappy with their pay, how pain killers can ruin fighters, and more!

Jason Parillo returns to Submission Radio to discuss BJ Penn’s recent loss at the hands of Yair Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night Phoenix, if he thought the match up was fair, what went wrong in the fight, how hard it was for him to watch BJ lose like that, the vibe in the locker room after the loss, if BJ Penn should fight again or retire, prediction for Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen, and more!

Angelo Reyes makes his first appearance on Submission Radio to talk about Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather being in the headlines again, Dana White’s offer of $25 million to each fighter, if the fight will ever actually happen, the vibe in the Mayweather gym, how the fight would actually play out, why he believes people wouldn’t want to pay for the PPV, his striking work with fighters like Frank Mir and Alessandro Ricci, and more!

Jim Edwards (FloCombat) joins the roundtable discussion to talk about topics such as BJ Penn’s loss to Yair Rodriguez, Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, Mark Hunt’s lawsuit, Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson at UFC 208, Tim Kennedy retiring and more.

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