Paul Daley talks about fighting back in the UFC, Bellator, Tyron Woodley

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On getting an American VISA and fighting again in the USA

“Well I think we’re pretty close. I’m in contact more or less everyday now with two advisors I have over in the US, Mike Kogan who’s King Mo’s manager, and Glen Robinson who’s the head guy over there in the Blackzillians who’s working hard on my behalf, speaking to right people and trying to get me back over the states.”

On Scott Coker and wanting to fight in Bellator again

“Well Scott Coker is a great guy, you know. I was over there at StrikeForce with him, he put me in big fights, he put me on the main stage, you know I was on all the big cards fighting you know, on the big stadium shows. So it wouldn’t be a bad move to accept an offer from Bellator if it comes, but we’ve heard nothing yet, although I’m sure something might pop-up you know, depends what happens with the VISA”

On leaving strike force due to a lack of fights and the worry of facing the same problem if he fought for with Bellator since Scott Coker is now president.

“No because the major problem there was that Zuffa was buying out StrikeForce, which is why things were slowing down, because obviously things were slowing down behind the scenes. But you know, Scott Coker did keep me busy enough when I was there, and the really big fights I was involved in before everything slowed down before the Zuffa purchase.”

On relationship with Bjorn and if Scott Coker replacing him is the right move for Bellator

“I spoke to Bjorn once and he was pretty cool, and I met him face to face over the first fight there in Florida. He was a cool guy, but you never really know with these executive types. For them, obviously they have to be nice to the people that help them sell their product, so I never really got a genuine feel for him. But most of the guys that you meet at the top are gonna be nice to your if your helping them out.”

“Scott Coker is the same. You know, he’s probably, I feel like is a little bit more genuine, having come from a Martial Arts background and done everything for sport, even boosting up K1 kick boxing or staring in films as a stunt man extra or whatever, you know. He’s a martial artist to the core so yeah, Scott Coker is a cool guy as well.”

On his thoughts on Bellator doing too many shows

“Yes and No. I like the Bellator format of the tournament that, you know, the CEO doesn’t really pick the fights and the tournament decides who’s gonna be fighting the champion for the belt. I like that concept, but I do feel that it does need major fights to carry it. The major non-tournament fights that they would have heading up the shows were not really that interesting. So maybe keep the tournament format a little bit, but head it up with more interesting main events, and yeah reduce the frequency so it’s not every week. Do have it as a spectacle but keep the tournament. “

On the lines of communication with UFC

“No, I have not spoken to any of them directly. I’ve had some communications with them through other people that help me out. I’m not managed, I have no management right now, I’m representing myself. But as people advising me and you know, speaking on my behalf, and they’ve had contact with the UFC guys like Joe Silva and Dana White. But It’s all pretty much dependant on my visa, and Dana is pretty, you know he’s set in his ways. I don’t think he wants me to come back, although you know, Lorenzo said it’s up to him. I just don’t think Dana wants me there. I think he made such a big deal of it that maybe it’s a little bit too much for him to go back on. So but we’ll see what happens.”

What does Paul think needs to happen for him to get back in the UFC and for White to see his a changed man

“I think the VISA is a start. Getting a VISA, being allowed to fight on the big cards in America obviously it helps business. I think it’s just a personal decision for him, I don’t think it’s anything that I could do that I’m not already doing. My fans are still with me, my names still out there I haven’t faded anywhere, I’m still winning, I’m still knocking people out, I’m up on the crossover, I’m doing well at that. So I don’t think in any other situation, had what I did, hadn’t been such a big thing, I think I would have been back in the UFC by now. If it had been – I’m trying to think of some of the other crazy stuff people have done in the octagon – I think I would have been back in by now, but it just so happens (that) mine was really blown up, even thought people have done worse.”

On who Paul would like to fight if he got back in the UFC

“There’s a few great fights out there for me. I don’t really have any people I’d like to go after, but I think the fights that make sense for me are Tyron Woodley. I’d love to fight him, he’s getting a lot of hype, he’s gotten himself to a number one contender position and lost. I had a three round fight with him. I think I’m more skilled now, I think I would beat him easily, and I even think the fight back then over at Strikeforce was closer than, we’ll people don’t really acknowledge it. They kind of bury that fight because it’s been so long now, but I think it was a lot closer than people remember or whatever. But also I think

I match up well with Johnny Hendricks even though he’s got great wrestling,
likes to stand, he’s athletic but I don’t think his very fast, he’s not a great mover on his feet. Matt Brown is another great fighter who getting a lot of hype. He’s a sort of Spartan warrior type guy who walks around and keeps coming back and pulling off spectacular wins, but I don’t he could walk through what I’ve got for him. And I think that makes a good fight as well. So there are some interesting fights, Robbie Lawler, Hector Lombard, two of the most dangerous guys I think out of all those guys that I’ve named so far that would be good fights, that I wouldn’t be calling for, but if I was paid enough money I’d fight, because those are really, really ace people.”

Thoughts on the Jason High punishment and if it was too severe

“Yeah I do. Obviously Jason High, I didn’t really see the incident, but he pushed the ref. With fighters you’re in a combat zone, and obviously the referee’s there to moderate and keep things in check. Even the referee who accepted his apology, understands that you’re running on adrenalin. Sometimes you know, everything’s at stake in a fight. You know, your next mortgage payment, your child school fees are all riding on your win. So there’s a lot of emotion in the fight, there’s a lot at stake. So of course emotions may may run out of check, you may lose it every now and again. I think that we have to be more, people in the MMA sport and community need to be more understanding about that (in) every other sport, things happen and things get overlooked. In football, in rugby, in Ice Hockey, you know in boxing, even. In MMA it such, SUCH, it’s looked on so badly that, I just think it’s a little bit too ridiculous and that’s just my opinion on Jason High’s suspension. I think it’s a little bit ridiculous for him to be punished so badly.. I think a fine is good enough and he keep his UFC job and that’s that.”

On What Josh Koscheck saying to Paul after their fight

“He didn’t say anything, I’ve been over this a million times, and if he did say something, it’s not something I can remember. I know it was some kind of banter, but it wasn’t so significant that I could remember it to be honest with you.”

If Paul prefers fighting in Kickboxing of MMA

“Well I’ve been training mostly kickboxing so I’m enjoying that, but I’ve been doing that a lot, so my mind is slowly drifting back towards MMA, especially with BAMMA coming up. You know, Kickboxing is interesting, I love the training. MMA has a little bit more to it, so it keeps me a little bit more interesting, you know. But I got a few more Kickboxing fights this year, but the training can become a little bit boring cause it’s just doing the same shit all the time running, hitting pads, sparring, skipping and your conditioning. Whereas MMA you have your wrestling, your Jiu Jitsu, a little bit more game plan and even though there is some game-planning in Kickboxing. So I’m looking forward to returning to MMA. I’m enjoying kickboxing, but yeah I’m looking forward to getting back to MMA.”

Thoughts on MMA scoring and judging and if he agrees on takedowns being scored even when there’s no damage inflicted afterwards

“Yeah definitely. I think takedowns are highly overrated if you don’t do anything with them. I mean you know, for me it’s hard to say. It is a hard place for the judge to be in, but I feel if you’re not working to finish, whether you’re standing or on the feet, then you’re losing the fight in my opinion”

“You gotta be working to finish, that’s what I say. You gotta think, you’re a martial artist. If anything your doing is to finish a guy and finish your opponent”

On who would he pick in a rematch and why

“Tyron Woodley, because he’s being overrated”

Something that people don’t know about him

“I used to be an actor. A child acting star. A film, you can watch it, a film called ‘Sammy and Rosey get Laid’. And it’s not a porn film. You can look at it, it’s on youtube.”

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