Mark Hunt apologizes for Miocic fight, talks seeing Grim Reaper

June 22, 2015

Mark Hunt returns to Submission Radio to give an update on how he’s doing and talk about his new upcoming book. Mark apologizes for his performance against Stipe Miocic at UFC Fight Night Adelaide where he lost via TKO. The Super Samoan claims that he wasted his fight camp and his performance was in part due to how he handled his weight cut and not loading up on carbs the night before. Hunt also talks about seeing demons throughout his life, including the grim reaper when his father was in hospital, why he decided to write a book, sharing tough stories and reliving them, not wanting to retire yet, the disappointment of not headlining UFC 193 in Melbourne for a title, his first loss in Australia, being open to fighting Alistair Overeem, his clothing line Juggernaut, and more.


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