Luke Rockhold: UFC 187, Vitor Belfort, how he matches up against Chris Weidman

May 18, 2015

Luke Rockhold returns to Submission Radio after his destruction of Lyoto Machida and talks about who he wants to fights next, why he deserves the nest title shot, who wins out of Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort at UFC 187, who he would rather face, how he matches up against Chris Weidman and why Chris can’t outwrestle him, Vitor Belfort and how he’ll look after coming off TRT, how he’d react if he was offered Jacare Souza instead of a title shot, if he expected to beat Lyoto so quickly, why he was nervous to strike, the success that Strikeforce fighters have had in the UFC, Dana White’s comments on AKA being stuck in the “Stone Ages”, Millionaire Matchmaker, his time in Australia and more.


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