21 December 2014

December 22, 2014

Bas Rutten stops by Submission Radio for a third time. This time “El Guapo” discusses a variety of topics such as CM Punk signing with the UFC, is it a good thing for the sport of MMA, his recent neck surgery, almost getting attacked by a shark in the ocean, the training device he created, Rousimar Palhares’ win over Jon Fitch at WSOF 16, if Palhares held the kneebar too long, if Jon Fitch’s career coming to an end, and if anybody can beat Palhares. Bas also gives his thoughts on the lawsuit against the UFC, Alistair Overeem’s recent turnaround and if he can fight for the title in the UFC, what Anderson Silva was like in Pride, Who wins between Anderson and Nick Diaz, the infamous backstage fight between Dennis Hallman and Don Frye where he got kicked in the head, his Christmas plans, and more.

Legendary Martial arts Icon Judo Gene Lebell stops by to chat on Submission Radio about his legendary career and Mixed Martial Art as it is now. Know as The toughest Man alive, Gene talks about early days of learning Judo in Japan in a time where white people weren’t taught Judo, training and sparring with Sugar Ray Robinson, Ray’s pink Cadillac, fighting Milo Savage in the first ever Mixed Martial Arts fight, Making Movies with Elvis Presley and what Elvis was like backstage and to work with, Bruce Lee as a martial artist and how he would have done in today’s UFC, why Chuck Norris would have an advantage in a fight against Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali in his prime in the UFC, why he wore a pink Judo jacket, his niece Ronda Rousey and her dominance in the UFC, why other people aren’t as successful at implementing Judo in MMA like she is, if anybody can beat Ronda, his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show and pranking Aunt Chippy, being on the set of rush Hour and talking Martial Arts with Jackie Chan, and whole bunch of other stories.

Also on the show is discussion about UFC Fight Night Brazil, and Rampage Jackson signing back with the UFC.

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