1 March 2015

March 3, 2015

Andrei Arlovski stops by Submission Radio to talk about a wide range of topics, including his fight against Travis Browne at UFC 187, not liking the match up because of his friendship with the Hawaiian, the dangers Travis poses, his time away from the UFC and if he ever thought he would return, the tough losses to Bigfoot Silva, Fabricio Werdum, Brett Rogers and Fedor, why he still has nightmares about the Fedor fight and what he would’ve done differently, his big UFC return and KO over Bigfoot Silva, the incident with the crowd after the fight, his entry into Sambo at a young age, his dog Maximus, and more.

Andrei Arlovski starts at: [2:15]
Rich Franklin starts at: [24:46]
Bellator 134 discussion starts at: [1:04:46]
UFC 184 discussion starts at: [1:20:15]
Ronda Rousey and WMMA discussion: [1:56:19]
Fedor on PEDs discussion: [2:09:26]

Rich Franklin returns to Submission Radio to discuss ONE FC and how he’s settled into the role of Vice President of the company. Rich talks about the Asian MMA market, the exciting fights that the company is putting on, his entry into acting and the movie “Mantervention”, if he will ever return to fighting and have his last UFC fight, Anderson Silva’s fail drug test for steroids, what it does to Anderson’s legacy, if Rich suspected that Anderson was on PEDs during their fight, his new product Armor Gel, how much he still trains, getting older, who he would like to face if he came back, and more.

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