Dennis Bermudez plans on Crushing Clay Guida, ‘Slightly Jealous’ of Conor McGregor

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On watching Guida growing up

“Before I even started fighting I remember watching some Clay Guida fights, but I used to watch it not like “aw man he’s awesome”, I always watched from a wrestlers aspect of ‘if I started fighting I’d take him down right there, oh I’d take him down right there’ you know ‘I could beat that guy’.”

On what Dennis has worked on for Guida and something that could be exploited in Guida’s style

“Training’s going awesome. I hit like new PR’s and stuff like that in my weight training, and I’ve just been feeling phenomenal”

“I didn’t really change too much, just making my punching sharper and I’ve had great cardio, but just nipped it in the bud a little more”

Finding Training partners to mimic Clay’s style

“I’ve had some good partners that were able to duplicate that, and then I had some others that weren’t as good.”

“It’s been tough, you know some guys, like I was working out with Erik Perez a little bit and he was actually doing a really good job doing the ‘Clay Guida’, but between my pressure and keeping up that movement, he got tired in the second round and was like ‘ah man I’m really having trouble keeping this up’.”

On if Dennis feels pressure being back on a main card

“Yeah a little bit maybe, but I try not look at it like that. I’m just going in there and fighting, I don’t care if I’m on Facebook, or prelims, or the Mainevent, you know I’m just going to go in there with the same game plan and get a win you know.”

Thoughts on Connor McGregor and his hype

“I really don’t care what he’s doing. He can run his mouth all he wants, and I actually, my hat slightly goes off to him to be able to created the buzz that he’s created around himself. I’m almost slightly jealous, you know. I’m on a 6 fight win streak and no one’s talking about me and this guy has two fights in the UFC and hundreds of thousands of followers you know, just because he talks a crazy game, but that’s not why I got into fighting. I didn’t get into fighting to, you know have a WWE performance, I got into fighting to beat people up and really show my dominance”

Thoughts on Frankie Edgar and if Dennis sees him as a potential match up

“Yeah for sure. Frankie Edgar is a tough guy, established in the wrestling community, he’s a good striker, yeah so in the future man if I can get a win over him if that were to go down for whether it was number 1 contender, or if it’s for the belt or whenever it may be, that would be cool because you know, him holding up the lightweight belt for a little bit and beating a lot of really good guys, (it) would be a really sweet notch under my belt”

If Dennis plans on calling out Chad Mendes or Jose Aldo after beating Clay Guida at UFC on Fox

“In my head

I plan to totally crush Clay Guida, whether I submit him or knock him out, I would like to scream for a title shot.
I think I deserve it, you know 7 wins in a row, knocking off a top 10 opponent by stoppage I think puts me out there definitely for a title shot. But if I just squeak by him I’ll let the UFC do their job and just match me up with whoever they want me.”

On who would Dennis rather face between a Chad Mendes and a Jose Aldo

“I think Jose Aldo just because he’s got that factor that he could get tired. You know, he comes out super strong in like the 1st and 2nd but you get him in the 3rd, 4th and 5th round and he goes from being the best fighter in the featherweight division to, I don’t know, maybe the middle fighter of the division when he’s super tired.”

Dennis’ prediction on who comes out on top between Mendes and Aldo

“I think Chad Mendes is gonna win. I think, you know sometimes being in the super spot light some guys crumble when they’re there for the first time and it’s just a lot to take in, and then once you’ve been there and experienced it so that I think you’re used to it. That’s one aspect, and since Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes fought before, Chad’s also developed knockout power. He’s been knocking a lot of guys out, so I think that’s another thing to add to his vocabulary of moves.”

Thoughts on how a rematch Diego Brando would go

“I think a rematch with Diego Brandao, if he got out of the first round would result in me giving him a heart attack, and you know, he wouldn’t see the end of the fight.”

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